Odds to win 2016-17 NFL Divisions: Home field edge is?

Just getting into the NFL playoffs might seem enough to the average fan but for NFL franchises winning their division is the top variable to postseason success, wins, if you will. NFL clubs that earn their division title are guaranteed at least one home playoff game which turns into a 67 percent probability of winning and advancing in the January and February National Football League tournament.



Since 1940 there have been over 450 playoff games and two out of every three events found the home team winning, from the 1940 season through the 2014 campaign. The record of the home teams winning their playoff contests in this time period,  was a ridiculously good 305-148, which is a victorious percentage of .673. Home teams in the playoffs win at a 10 percent higher rate than during the regular season.

What are the current odds of your favorite team winning their division? The SuperBook of Las Vegas has updated their charts on the Odds to win NFL Divisions.



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