While the 2017-18 NBA regular season has yet to tip off it human nature to predict and project what the Association landscape might look like come the 2018 postseason. Could we see fourth sequel to the drama series of the Warriors versus the Cavaliers? As long as the Cleveland coaching staff can keep LeBron James healthy then the Cavs are the Eastern Conference favorites. Golden State is deep enough to suffer an injury to one of the Big Four and still win the West. It is the Warrior’s title to lose but how about the divisional champions? Odds to Win 2017-18 NBA Divisions: Northwest the best?

With each conference sending eight teams to the playoffs it is unlikely that one division can dominate earning a spot in the postseason by sending all five of the franchises to the playoffs. Or is it?

Of the six NBA divisions is it fair to write that the Northwest is the best?

NBA Northwest Division
Oklahoma City Thunder
Minnesota Timberwolves
Denver Nuggets
Portland Trail Blazers
Utah Jazz

The additions of Carmelo Anthony and Paul George make Oklahoma City the team to beat. Minnesota is positioned to earn a spot in postseason play and end a ridiculous 14-year playoff drought. Only inexperience can prevent a young but talented Denver team from being a part of the 2018 playoff bracket. If Portland can keep Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum healthy the Trail Blazers are a tough squad night-in and night-out. Yes Utah lost their best player, Gordon Hayward, to the Boston Celtics but defense travels and the Jazz arguably sport the best stop-unit in the Western Conference.
WestGate of Las Vegas has updated their 2017-18 NBA Divisional Odds:

Odds to Win 2017-18 NBA Divisions: Northwest the best?


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