The official ending to 2017-18 College Football campaign and soon to be Super Sunday finish to the National Football League season brings the smell of spring. In this particular feature, Major League Baseball Spring Training. There has been plenty of speculation and water-cooler banter about the hard-hitting lineup of the New York Yankees this winter. And the ridiculous offensive explosion that resulted in record breaking 2017 long ball totals. Odds to Win 2018 MLB Regular Season Home Run Title.

Are Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton of 2018 the next coming of Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle of 1961? Or more accurate can the slugging duo be only the second pair of teammates to each exceed 50 homers in a single season?

The Judge/Stanton duo in combination with Gary Sanchez in 2018 is formidable. The middle of the Bronx Bombers lineup could well be just the fourth trio of teammates to each hit 40 or more dingers across a 162-game season.

There isn’t a single MLB pundit that will argue that Stanton doesn’t have a better chance of exceeding 60 home runs as a member of the Yankees than that of the Marlins. And the addition of the Stanton-of-Swat positions New York to set a large number of offensive records in 2018. As well, be the best of the best in American League East, the AL period.

Stanton, the reigning National League MVP and National League home run leader, is now teammates with the player that hit the most home runs in the American League, Judge. Stanton, who swatted 59 home runs last season, which was the most in MLB since 2001 when Sammy Sosa hit 61 and Barry Bonds PED’d his way to 73, calls last year’s AL Rookie of the Year Aaron Judge (52 home runs) brother.

According to Baseball Prospectus’s park factors, Marlins Park was the seventh-most-difficult home run-hitting park for right-handed batters last season. Conversely, Yankee Stadium is the second-easiest venue in baseball for right-handed power hitters.

Because Stanton has hit more than 40 home runs in his career only once it is a reach to tab him as the next Babe Ruth, Maris or Mantle.

Stanton’s Career Home Run Totals by Season
2010: 22
2011: 34
2012: 37
2013: 24
2014: 37
2015: 27
2016: 27
2017: 59

According to Westgate of Las Vegas Stanton (5-to-1) is the most likely to lead the home run rat-pack in 2018. He is followed by teammate Aaron Judge (8-to-1) on the SuperBook’s initial HR future.

A complete list of players from WestGate’s opening MLB Proposition chart for whom the most likely is to earn the 2018 Regular Season Home Run Title are as follows:

Odds to Win 2018 MLB Regular Season Home Run Title

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