The Philadelphia Eagles are not the Vegas or Offshore favorites to repeat as Super Bowl champions. That honor goes, once again, to the publically backed New England Patriots. Odds to Win Super Bowl LIII (Feb 27).

The SuperBook of Las Vegas, WestGate, has updated their NFL Futures chart and the biggest money move over the last 6-weeks has come in support of the Eagles winning the 2019 NFC Championship. Philly checks in at 7-to-2. The Eagles odds to earn a second straight NFL championship is 7-to-1. Philadelphia is equal odds with the Pittsburgh Steelers and a tick behind the 5-to-1 Patriots.

While you will see and read articles and forum posts from the Eagles faithful in which they extrapolate that the current numbers [odds] are insulting to their true value couldn’t be further from reality.

Regardless of lost player personnel, or Bill Belichick’s coaching staff departures, the Patriots under the guidance of Tom Brady and Belichick will remain the favorites to win Super Bowl LIII throughout the summer. Save a training camp or preseason injury to Tom Terrific and a meltdown in the early portion of the upcoming regular season the Pats will be the odds-on chalk to earn the Super Sunday title throughout the season. And the odds updates, every time and all of the time, are all about perception and what the sportsbook managers know about the betting trends of Joe Public.

The oddsmakers in Vegas and Offshore never underestimated the talent of the Eagles. They also didn’t devalue the worthiness of Philadelphia’s talent and gridiron ability. Not before and not after the injury to Carson Wentz. They simply made perception adjustments to the point-spread, totals and futures of the Eagles. And in truth most of the Vegas shops took a financial hit with the Philadelphia’s Super Bowl victory over New England.

The Eagles were the first Divisional Round underdogs in the history of the league that carried a No #1 seed. Throughout the 2018 postseason Philadelphia carried the underdog label. This included being a four-and-a-half point puppy against the Pats on Super Sunday.

The current odds to win SBLIII have little to do with the Patriots 41-33 loss to the Eagles. Vegas doesn’t necessarily believe that the Pats are the odds-on favorite to win the title this coming season. But they do believe that the public will overwhelmingly stop by the ticket counter at their Vegas shops and make an investment on Brady and company to win the big game.

Furthermore they will gladly hand you a ticket today on the Pats winning the Super Bowl next February at 5-to-1.

Ed Salmons, the WestGate SuperBook manager told ESPN shortly after the Super Bowl went final earlier this month, “We opened the Eagles at 10-1, but the move to 6-1 was just a reaction to the expected money coming in after they won [on Sunday]. The Public will think if they won the Super Bowl without Carson Wentz, when he comes back they should be even better.”

The Patriots SBLIII odds have been updated to 5-to-1.  The Steelers and Eagles at 7-to-1. The Green Bay Packers come in on the latest update at 12-to-1. And the aforementioned clubs are followed by Minnesota Vikings (14-to-1), New Orleans Saints (16-to-1) and Atlanta Falcons (18-to-1).

Check out all of the latest Super Bowl LIII odds updates by the World’s Largest Race and Sportbook:

Odds to Win Super Bowl LIII (Feb 27)




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