Hillary Clinton Democratic National Convention Speech Props (updated)

Hillary Clinton will close out the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Thursday and oddsmaker 5Dimes has posted Hillary Clinton speech props for bettors looking to add some excitement to her closing speech.

Overall, even thought odds continue to drop, Hillary Clinton is still favored to be the next President of the United States at -230 (wager $230 to win $100). You can check the latest national polling by clicking here.

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Hillary Clinton Acceptance Speech
from first word spoken to last word spoken
Thu 7/281 Speech length over 51½ minutes -210
9:00PM2 Speech length under 51½ minutes +160
must be complete phrase: “all lives matter”
Thu 7/2851 Hillary says: “all lives matter” +255
9:00PM52 Does not say: “all lives matter” -365
must be complete phrase: “black lives matter”
Thu 7/2853 Hillary says: “black lives matter” +135
9:00PM54 Does not say: “black lives matter” -175
must be complete phrase: “blue lives matter”
Thu 7/2855 Hillary says: “blue lives matter” +363
9:00PM56 Does not say: “blue lives matter” -550
must be complete phrase: “Supreme Court”
Thu 7/2861 Hillary says: “Supreme Court” -1700
9:00PM62 Does not say: “Supreme Court” +800
must be complete phrase: “Obamacare”
Thu 7/2863 Hillary says: “Obamacare” +200
9:00PM64 Does not say: “Obamacare” -280
“Islam” includes: “Islamic” or “Islamist” or “Islamism”
Thu 7/2865 Hillary says: “Islam” +230
9:00PM66 Does not say: “Islam” -310
must say: “Eagles” or “76ers” or “Phillies” or “Flyers”
Thu 7/2867 Hillary says local sports team nickname +360
9:00PM68 Does not say any local sports nickname -540
must be complete phrase: “Liberty Bell”
Thu 7/2869 Hillary says: “Liberty Bell” +460
9:00PM70 Does not say: “Liberty Bell” -780
must be complete phrase: “Cheesesteak”
Thu 7/2871 Hillary says: “Cheesesteak” +450
9:00PM72 Does not say: “Cheesesteak” -750
must be complete phrase: “Fox News”
Thu 7/2873 Hillary says: “Fox News” +575
9:00PM74 Does not say: “Fox News” -1125
must be complete phrase: “Global Warming”
Thu 7/2875 Hillary says: “Global Warming” +225
9:00PM76 Does not say: “Global Warming” -305
must be complete phrase: “Protester”
Thu 7/2877 Hillary says: “Protester” +250
9:00PM78 Does not say: “Protester” -350
must be complete phrase: “Zika Virus”
Thu 7/2879 Hillary says: “Zika Virus” +325
9:00PM80 Does not say: “Zika Virus” -475
must be complete phrase: “Build a wall”
Thu 7/2881 Hillary says: “Build a wall” -160
9:00PM82 Does not say: “Build a wall” +120
must be complete phrase: “Trump University”
Thu 7/28101 Hillary says: “Trump University” +105
9:00PM102 Does not say: “Trump University” -145
must be complete phrase: “Trump Steak”
Thu 7/28103 Hillary says: “Trump Steak” +300
9:00PM104 Does not say: “Trump Steak” -420
must be complete phrase: “Trump Tower”
Thu 7/28105 Hillary says: “Trump Tower” +320
9:00PM106 Does not say: “Trump Tower” -460
must be complete phrase: “Celebrity Apprentice”
Thu 7/28107 Hillary says: “Celebrity Apprentice” +330
9:00PM108 Does not say: “Celebrity Apprentice” -490
must be complete phrase: “Benjamin Franklin”
Thu 7/28109 Hillary says: “Benjamin Franklin” +500
9:00PM110 Does not say: “Benjamin Franklin” -900
must be complete phrase: “Rocky Balboa”
Thu 7/28111 Hillary says: “Rocky Balboa” +600
9:00PM112 Does not say: “Rocky Balboa” -1200
“George Bush” includes: “George W Bush”
Thu 7/28113 Hillary says: “George Bush” +400
9:00PM114 Does not say: “George Bush” -600
must be complete phrase: “Michelle Obama”
Thu 7/28115 Hillary says: “Michelle Obama” -125
9:00PM116 Does not say: “Michelle Obama” -115
must be complete phrase: “Mike Pence”
Thu 7/28117 Hillary says: “Mike Pence” +115
9:00PM118 Does not say: “Mike Pence” -155
must be complete phrase: “Atlantic City”
Thu 7/28151 Hillary says: “Atlantic City” +135
9:00PM152 Does not say: “Atlantic City” -175
must be complete phrase: “Cleveland”
Thu 7/28153 Hillary says: “Cleveland” -140
9:00PM154 Does not say: “Cleveland” +100
must be complete phrase: “Ferguson”
Thu 7/28155 Hillary says: “Ferguson” +170
9:00PM156 Does not say: “Ferguson” -230
must be complete phrase: “Baltimore”
Thu 7/28157 Hillary says: “Baltimore” +170
9:00PM158 Does not say: “Baltimore” -230
must be complete phrase: “Wall Street”
Thu 7/28159 Hillary says: “Wall Street” -260
9:00PM160 Does not say: “Wall Street” +180
must be complete phrase: “Philadelphia Police”
Thu 7/28161 Hillary says: “Philadelphia Police” +210
9:00PM162 Does not say: “Philadelphia Police” -290
references that are not “Obama” or “Trump” do not apply
Thu 7/28201 Hillary says “Obama” first -245
9:00PM202 Hillary says “Trump” first +175
references that are not “Sanders” or “Trump” do not apply
Thu 7/28203 Hillary says “Sanders” first -280
9:00PM204 Hillary says “Trump” first +200
references that are not “Kaine” or “Trump” do not apply
Thu 7/28205 Hillary says: “Kaine” first -315
9:00PM206 Hillary says: “Trump” first +235
references that are not “Kaine” or “Sanders” do not apply
Thu 7/28207 Hillary says: “Kaine” first -380
9:00PM208 Hillary says: “Sanders” first +260
references that are not “Kaine” or “Obama” do not apply
Thu 7/28209 Hillary says: “Kaine” first -210
9:00PM210 Hillary says: “Obama” first +160
references that are not “Obama” or “Sanders” do not apply
Thu 7/28211 Hillary says: “Obama” first -170
9:00PM212 Hillary says: “Sanders” first +130
US Presidential Election – Winner
Tue 11/8101 Hillary Clinton wins Election -230
8:00AM102 Field wins Presidential Election +190
Tue 11/8103 Donald Trump wins Election +190
8:00AM104 Field wins Presidential Election -230
Tue 11/8105 Bernie Sanders wins Election +12500
8:00AM106 Field wins Presidential Election -37500
Tue 11/8107 Gary Johnson wins Election +13500
8:00AM108 Field wins Presidential Election -40500
Tue 11/8109 Joe Biden wins Election +22500
8:00AM110 Field wins Presidential Election -67500
Tue 11/8111 Paul Ryan wins Election +38000
8:00AM112 Field wins Presidential Election -114000
Tue 11/8191 Republican wins Presidential Election +195
8:00AM192 Democrat wins Presidential Election -235

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