Odds on Hillary Clinton Facing Federal Charges

Will a Federal Criminal Complaint be filed in 2016 against Hillary Clinton? Well the oddsmakers will pay you back $245 on a $100 wager if it happens!

Below you find a host of US Election odds from offshore bookmaker 5Dimes. The overall consensus on nationwide opinion polling and bookmakers agree that Donald Trump will eventually face off with Hillary who is the current favorite to be the next President of the United States.

Below you will find odds on Republican and Democrat primaries and the winner of US Presidential Election. Check the latest national polling by clicking here.

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Hillary Clinton – Federal Criminal Complaint Filed in 2016
graded when authorized representative files a charge or 1/1/2017
Sun 5/151351 Hillary Clinton faces federal charges +245
9:00AM1352 H.Clinton does not face federal charges -335
Kentucky Primary – Democrat Winner
Tue 5/17521 Hillary Clinton wins Kentucky Primary -195
6:00AM522 Field wins Kentucky Primary +155
Kentucky Primary – Democrat Victory Margin
percentage difference of winner and second place
Tue 5/17523 KY DEM victory margin over 5% points -260
6:00AM524 KY DEM victory margin under 5% points +180
Oregon Primary – Democrat Winner
Tue 5/17531 Bernie Sanders wins Oregon Primary -420
6:00AM532 Field wins Oregon Primary +300
Oregon Primary – Democrat Victory Margin
percentage difference of winner and second place
Tue 5/17533 OR DEM victory margin over 10% points -190
6:00AM534 OR DEM victory margin under 10% points +150
Montana Primary – Republican Winner
Tue 6/7431 Donald Trump wins Montana Primary -10300
6:00AM432 Field wins Montana Primary +2900
New Jersey Primary – Republican Winner
Tue 6/7441 Donald Trump wins New Jersey Primary -10300
6:00AM442 Field wins New Jersey Primary +2900
New Mexico Primary – Republican Winner
Tue 6/7451 Donald Trump wins New Mexico Primary -10300
6:00AM452 Field wins New Mexico Primary +2900
South Dakota Primary – Republican Winner
Tue 6/7461 Donald Trump wins South Dakota Primary -7500
6:00AM462 Field wins South Dakota Primary +2500
California Primary – Democrat Winner
Tue 6/7541 Hillary Clinton wins California Primary -290
6:00AM542 Field wins California Primary +210
Montana Primary – Democrat Winner
Tue 6/7551 Bernie Sanders wins Montana Primary -810
6:00AM552 Field wins Montana Primary +470
New Jersey Primary – Democrat Winner
Tue 6/7561 Hillary Clinton wins New Jersey Primary -1200
6:00AM562 Field wins New Jersey Primary +600
New Mexico Primary – Democrat Winner
Tue 6/7571 Hillary Clinton wins New Mexico Primary -320
6:00AM572 Field wins New Mexico Primary +240
North Dakota Caucus – Democrat Winner
Tue 6/7581 Bernie Sanders wins North Dakota Caucus -1005
6:00AM582 Field wins North Dakota Caucus +535
South Dakota Caucus – Democrat Winner
Tue 6/7591 Bernie Sanders wins South Dakota Primary -350
6:00AM592 Field wins South Dakota Primary +250
District of Columbia Primary – Democrat Winner
Tue 6/14601 Hillary Clinton wins DC Primary -1780
6:00AM602 Field wins DC Primary +870
Democratic Presidential Nominee – Democratic National Convention
Mon 7/25801 Hillary Clinton is Democratic Nominee -2000
8:00AM802 Field wins Democratic Nomination +1250
Mon 7/25803 Bernie Sanders is Democratic Nominee +2000
8:00AM804 Field wins Democratic Nomination -4000
Mon 7/25805 Joe Biden is Democratic Nominee +2700
8:00AM806 Field wins Democratic Nomination -5800
US Presidential Election – Winner
Tue 11/8101 Hillary Clinton wins Election -250
8:00AM102 Field wins Presidential Election +210
Tue 11/8103 Donald Trump wins Election +275
8:00AM104 Field wins Presidential Election -335
Tue 11/8105 Bernie Sanders wins Election +2500
8:00AM106 Field wins Presidential Election -5000
Tue 11/8107 Joe Biden wins Election +4000
8:00AM108 Field wins Presidential Election -10000
Tue 11/8191 Republican wins Presidential Election +260
8:00AM192 Democrat wins Presidential Election -320
US Presidential Election – Democratic Presidential Nominee – Electoral Votes
total electoral votes by Democratic presidential nominee
Tue 11/8193 Democratic nominee wins over 369½ votes +185
8:00AM194 Democratic nominee wins under 369½ votes -265
US Presidential Election – Republican Presidential Nominee – Electoral Votes
total electoral votes by Republican presidential nominee
Tue 11/8195 Republican nominee wins over 369½ votes +340
8:00AM196 Republican nominee wins under 369½ votes -510
US Senators at the beginning of the 115th Congress
US Senators who caucus with Republicans at least 50 if Republican president elected, at least 51 otherwise
Tue 11/8201 Republicans maintain Senate majority +145
8:00AM202 Republicans no longer Senate majority -185
Republican Control of Congress and White House
nominee elected president, controls a majority in House of Representatives, causus of 50+ in Senate
Tue 11/8203 Republicans control Congress & W.House +175
8:00AM204 GOP won’t control Congress & W.House -245
Democratic Control of Congress and White House
nominee elected president, controls a majority in House of Representatives, causus of 50+ in Senate
Tue 11/8205 Democrats control Congress & White House +340
8:00AM206 Dem won’t control Congress & White House -510


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