Odds on Donald Trump Being President?

Last chance for Marco Rubio? According to oddsmakers Donald Trump is a monster favorite to win the Florida Primary at -750 (wager $750 to win $100). If the Florida Primary was decided in the NFL, Trump would be favored by 11.5 points over Rubio.

Consensus on nationwide opinion polling for the Republican Party Presidential Primary show Donald Trump currently smashing the field and oddsmakers also have him favored at -250 ($250 to win $100) to face off against the Democratic favorite Hillary Clinton.

Below you will find odds on Republican and Democrat primaries, control of Congress and winner of the 2016 US Presidential Election. Check the latest national polling by clicking here.

Florida Primary – Republican Winner
Tue 3/15401 Donald Trump wins Florida Primary -750
7:00AM402 Field wins Florida Primary +450
Illinois Primary – Republican Winner
Tue 3/15403 Donald Trump wins Illinois Primary -390
7:00AM404 Field wins Illinois Primary +270
Missouri Primary – Republican Winner
Tue 3/15405 Donald Trump wins Missouri Primary -125
7:00AM406 Field wins Missouri Primary -115
North Carolina Primary – Republican Winner
Tue 3/15407 Donald Trump wins North Carolina Primary -475
6:30AM408 Field wins North Carolina Primary +325
Ohio Primary – Republican Winner
Tue 3/15409 John Kasich wins Ohio Primary -165
6:30AM410 Field wins Ohio Primary +125
Florida Primary – Democrat Winner
Tue 3/15501 Hillary Clinton wins Florida Primary -600
7:00AM502 Field wins Florida Primary +400
Illinois Primary – Democrat Winner
Tue 3/15503 Hillary Clinton wins Illinois Primary -400
7:00AM504 Field wins Illinois Primary +280
Missouri Primary – Democrat Winner
Tue 3/15505 Hillary Clinton wins Missouri Primary -135
7:00AM506 Field wins Missouri Primary -105
North Carolina Primary – Democrat Winner
Tue 3/15507 Hillary Clinton wins N.Carolina Primary -1200
6:30AM508 Field wins North Carolina Primary +600
Ohio Primary – Democrat Winner
Tue 3/15509 Hillary Clinton wins Ohio Primary -160
6:30AM510 Field wins Ohio Primary +120
Republican Presidential Nominee – Republican National Convention
Mon 7/18901 Donald Trump is Republican Nominee -250
8:00AM902 Field wins Republican Nomination +210
Mon 7/18903 Ted Cruz is Republican Nominee +475
8:00AM904 Field wins Republican Nomination -735
Mon 7/18905 John Kasich is Republican Nominee +1500
8:00AM906 Field wins Republican Nomination -4500
Mon 7/18907 Marco Rubio is Republican Nominee +2000
8:00AM908 Field wins Republican Nomination -6000
Mon 7/18909 Paul Ryan is Republican Nominee +5000
8:00AM910 Field wins Republican Nomination -20000
Mon 7/18911 Mitt Romney is Republican Nominee +6600
8:00AM912 Field wins Republican Nomination -27200
Republican Vice Presidential Nominee – Republican National Convention
Mon 7/18951 John Kasich is Republican VP Nominee +260
8:00AM952 Field wins Republican VP Nomination -380
Mon 7/18953 Marco Rubio is Republican VP Nominee +400
8:00AM954 Field wins Republican VP Nomination -600
Mon 7/18955 Chris Christie is Republican VP Nominee +450
8:00AM956 Field wins Republican VP Nomination -750
Mon 7/18957 Nikki Haley is Republican VP Nominee +700
8:00AM958 Field wins Republican VP Nomination -1500
Mon 7/18959 Ted Cruz is Republican VP Nominee +1000
8:00AM960 Field wins Republican VP Nomination -2000
Mon 7/18961 Rob Portman is Republican VP Nominee +1800
8:00AM962 Field wins Republican VP Nomination -5400
Mon 7/18963 Susana Martinez is Republican VP Nominee +2000
8:00AM964 Field wins Republican VP Nomination -6000
Mon 7/18965 Carly Fiorina is Republican VP Nominee +2000
8:00AM966 Field wins Republican VP Nomination -6000
Presidential Nominee Brokered – Republican National Convention
individual secures a majority of delegates’ votes on what round of balloting
Mon 7/18991 Only one official ballot for nominee -230
8:00AM992 Additional round of balloting needed +170
Democratic Presidential Nominee – Democratic National Convention
Mon 7/25801 Hillary Clinton is Democratic Nominee -1250
8:00AM802 Field wins Democratic Nomination +800
Mon 7/25803 Bernie Sanders is Democratic Nominee +1000
8:00AM804 Field wins Democratic Nomination -1500
Mon 7/25805 Joe Biden is Democratic Nominee +3000
8:00AM806 Field wins Democratic Nomination -11000
Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee – Democratic National Convention
Mon 7/25851 Julian Castro is Democratic VP Nominee +225
8:00AM852 Field wins Democratic VP Nomination -305
Mon 7/25853 Tim Kaine is Democratic VP Nominee +500
8:00AM854 Field wins Democratic VP Nomination -900
Mon 7/25855 Elizabeth Warren is Dem VP Nominee +600
8:00AM856 Field wins Democratic VP Nomination -1200
Mon 7/25857 Martin O’Malley is Democratic VP Nominee +1000
8:00AM858 Field wins Democratic VP Nomination -2000
Mon 7/25859 Bernie Sanders is Democratic VP Nominee +1300
8:00AM860 Field wins Democratic VP Nomination -3000
Mon 7/25861 Cory Booker is Democratic VP Nominee +1400
8:00AM862 Field wins Democratic VP Nomination -3600
Mon 7/25863 Deval Patrick is Democratic VP Nominee +1700
8:00AM864 Field wins Democratic VP Nomination -5100
Mon 7/25865 Mark Warner is Democratic VP Nominee +2000
8:00AM866 Field wins Democratic VP Nomination -6000
US Presidential Election – Winner
Tue 11/8101 Hillary Clinton wins Election -190
8:00AM102 Field wins Presidential Election +165
Tue 11/8103 Donald Trump wins Election +360
8:00AM104 Field wins Presidential Election -450
Tue 11/8105 Bernie Sanders wins Election +1100
8:00AM106 Field wins Presidential Election -2000
Tue 11/8107 Ted Cruz wins Election +2300
8:00AM108 Field wins Presidential Election -6900
Tue 11/8109 John Kasich wins Election +3300
8:00AM110 Field wins Presidential Election -12100
Tue 11/8111 Marco Rubio wins Election +4000
8:00AM112 Field wins Presidential Election -10000
Tue 11/8113 Joe Biden wins Election +9000
8:00AM114 Field wins Presidential Election -41000
Tue 11/8191 Republican wins Presidential Election +190
8:00AM192 Democrat wins Presidential Election -230
US Presidential Election – Democratic Presidential Nominee – Electoral Votes
total electoral votes by Democratic presidential nominee
Tue 11/8193 Democratic nominee wins over 369½ votes +180
8:00AM194 Democratic nominee wins under 369½ votes -260
US Presidential Election – Republican Presidential Nominee – Electoral Votes
total electoral votes by Republican presidential nominee
Tue 11/8193 Republican nominee wins over 369½ votes +460
8:00AM194 Republican nominee wins under 369½ votes -780
US Senators at the beginning of the 115th Congress
US Senators who caucus with Republicans at least 50 if Republican president elected, at least 51 otherwise
Tue 11/8201 Republicans maintain Senate majority +115
8:00AM202 Republicans no longer Senate majority -155
Republican Control of Congress and White House
nominee elected president, controls a majority in House of Representatives, causus of 50+ in Senate
Tue 11/8203 Republicans control Congress & W.House +240
8:00AM204 GOP won’t control Congress & W.House -320
Democratic Control of Congress and White House
nominee elected president, controls a majority in House of Representatives, causus of 50+ in Senate
Tue 11/8205 Democrats control Congress & White House +450
8:00AM206 Dem won’t control Congress & White House -750

*odds courtesy of 5Dimes

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