US Presidential Election Odds

It looks like the eventual showdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is inevitable despite Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz both getting a standing eight count. Consensus on nationwide opinion polling and bookmakers agree that Donald Trump will move on the face Clinton who is the current favorite to be the next President of the United States.

Below you will find odds on Republican and Democrat Vice Presidential candidates and the winner of US Presidential Election. Check the latest national polling by clicking here.

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US Presidential Election 2016:

Hillary Clinton 1/3
Donald Trump 11/4
Ted Cruz 33/1
Bernie Sanders 40/1
Paul Ryan 50/1
Joe Biden 80/1
John Kasich 80/1
Mitt Romney 200/1

Republican Vice Presidential Candidate:

John Kasich 11/4
Ted Cruz 14/1
Sarah Palin 40/1
Carly Fiorina 4/1
Paul Ryan 20/1
Condoleezza Rice 40/1
Chris Christie 4/1
Rob Portman 20/1
Joe Scarborough 50/1
Nikki Haley 5/1
Lindsey Graham 25/1
Newt Gingrich 50/1
Marco Rubio 8/1
John Thune 25/1
Rudy Giuliani 50/1
Jeff Sessions 9/1
Scott Walker 33/1
Rand Paul 50/1
Susana Martinez 10/1
Mike Pence 33/1
Mitt Romney 66/1
Ben Carson 12/1
Bobby Jindal 40/1
Donald Trump 66/1

Democrat Vice Presidential Candidate:

Julian Castro 5/2
John Hickenlooper 14/1
Hillary Clinton 25/1
Tim Kaine 5/1
Cory Booker 14/1
John Kerry 25/1
Elizabeth Warren 7/1
Brian Schweitzer 16/1
Ron Wyden 40/1
Martin O’Malley 9/1
Joe Biden 16/1
Bill Clinton 66/1
Sherrod Brown 10/1
Bernie Sanders 16/1
Anna Wintour 150/1
Tom Perez 10/1
Evan Bayh 18/1

Republican Convention:

Singles Only. Applies to whether or not the Republican National Convention 2016 confirms the presidential candidate without a second round. Confirmation following first round will apply even if the leading candidate scores less than 50%.
Yes 1/12
No 11/2

Straight Forecast: Winner/Runner Up:

Applies to the 2016 presidential election outright winner and runner up in the order specified in the selection. All in, run or not.

Clinton/Trump 4/11
Sanders/Trump 50/1
Sanders/Cruz 150/1
Trump/Clinton 16/5
Kasich/Clinton 66/1
Cruz/Sanders 200/1
Clinton/Cruz 10/1
Clinton/Kasich 66/1
Sanders/Kasich 200/1
Cruz/Clinton 33/1
Trump/Sanders 66/1
Kasich/Sanders 200/1

Trump’s Manhood  (yes, they are really taking bets on this):

Applies to the size of Donald Trumps manhood when ‘standing to attention’. Bets will be void if it is not revealed by end of 2016. PP Decision Final.

4in or less 50/1
4.01in to 4.5 in 20/1
4.51in to 5.5 in 10/1
5.51in-6 in 6/1
6.01in to 7 in 10/3
7.01in to 8 in 11/4
8.01in to 9 in 10/3
9.01in or more 3

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