Serie A Soccer Picks: A New season filled with Have and Have Not’s!

Serie A Preview  –  A New season filled with Have and Have Not’s. 

The Have’s
We’ll try and not get to fancy here as the Serie A league title should baring injuries or a complete collapse go to the old lady of soccer Juventus.  Coming off a season in which they won the league title, the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup along with an appearance in the Champions League Final. They had an equally impressive off season during the transfer window replacing departed stars like Andrea Pirlo, Carlos Tevez and Arturo Vidal with impressive stars like Mandzukic, Dybala, Khedira and Zaza.  If Manager Allegri can get the team chemistry in order early you can expect another title and a deep run in Champions League play.    Another team considered to give Juve a run for the title again will be the squad from Roma.  Roma fired out of the gate last year winning almost at will but with a team lacking quality players on the bench the long season combined with Champions League play eventually took it’s toll.   Roma has retooled during the off season and we feel that Dzeko leading the attack with the help of Salah the roman’s will make a run at the top spot.  Expect more then a few games to go over the 2 1/2 totals you’ll usually find when better Serie A games.
The Might Have’s
We’ll have a little fun with this group.  For the past few season’s teams such as Napoli, Lazio, Inter and even Fiorentina have battled for that 3rd spot in the standings and a chance at the lucrative Champions League money.  Lazio had what for us was a non eventful off season void of any big signings and although the squad has quality with players such as Candreva and Klose we will look to take some spots against them this year as we predict a finish outside of the top 3 with likely a top 6 finish and a spot in Europa League going their way.   We’ll group Inter and Napoli as potential 3rd place combatant’s this season.  Napoli was a favorite of ours last year when betting Overs as the attack lead by Higuain led to some great wagering spots during the season.  Inter which has a storied history will once again compete for a top of the table spot.  Quite frankly I don’t think there is a team more boring to watch but  then tend to get it done when needed, which is usually late.  A favorite of ours when looking at unders.   We won’t touch on Fiorentina much as we expect them to battle for a Europa spot (teams 4th to 6th in the standings) and not much else.
Dark Horses
We might as well refer to this as the dark horse (singular) as there doesn’t seem to be much that will surprise us this year other than the squad from Milan.   AC Milan had what could be described as a disaster of a season last year.  Their sorrow was our elation as we consistently found spots to bet again the Milan squad.  We really like the signing of Colombian star Bacca.  If he can adjust to life in Italy and mesh with fellow striker Adriano we may see a revival of sorts in Milan.
The Have Not’s
Finally, and we’ll keep this extremely short, we get to the have not’s.   Although it’s great to see minnows such as Frosinone and Carpi in the top league, their stay will last but one season.  Expect both squads along with one of either Atalanta and Chievo to fill the other spot.  Chievo seems like a total wreck during the preseason and will be a go against many times during this season.   With that we wish you all a prosperous soccer betting season.

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