How to Bet 2 and 3 Way Betting Lines & Asian Split Lines & Totals

In the latest episode of our “Sports Betting 101” series for the recreational sports bettor from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas host Marco D’Angelo sits down with soccer betting expert Carmine Bianco to go over 2 Way Betting Lines, 3 Way Betting Lines, Asian Split Lines (i.e. -1.75 is -1.5 and -2), Asian Split Totals (i.e. Over 3.25 is Over 3 and Over 3.5) and how betting on an Asian line is graded by books.

Make sure to check out our entire “Sports Betting 101” series, where our team of Vegas handicappers helps educate recreational and newcomers to wagering on sporting events to understand sports betting terminology, handicapping fundamentals, and how to place various types of bets and the different forms of betting.

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