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Let’s take a quick look on what happened in the Group Round of this year’s EURO Cup, and see if we can make some smart moves at this stage of the competition using a Soccer Betting System.

The two first rounds of group games probably didn’t leave many memorable impressions, but the 3rd and final round was filled with excitement and very good betting opportunities. The first of the matches was that very convenient Draw between Switzerland and France that saw both teams through to the next round. The day continued with Wales getting a comfortable 3-0 victory against the invisible Russians, which saw them progress as first from a Group that featured England, Slovakia and Russia.

We saw Turkey beating the Czech Republic and almost qualifying (failed due to worse goal difference), we saw Croatia taking advantage of Spain’s mistakes and overturning the 0-1 to a 2-1. And of course, Ireland won against Italy, just like I said they would. To those of you who didn’t watch the game, you didn’t miss anything special, just Italy staying passive during the whole match, with Ireland creating most of the chances but failing to score. Finally at the 85th minute, Ireland managed to score the much needed goal to send the Irish flying. Of course, Italy’s goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu tried to punch the ball away but failed miserably(or maybe intentionally), but what matters the most is that we read the match very well and made a good prediction.

Iceland defeated Austria with a goal in the 93rd minute, which boded well for the Portuguese who were having major problems overcoming Hungary with the final score being 3-3. Who would have thought that Cristiano Ronaldo’s team would struggle so much to qualify from the group stage? Now they must take on Croatia in what appears to be the easiest of two paths to the final. Should they win they will probably play with Belgium which is not a team to be feared. The hardest path has teams like Spain, Italy, Germany, France and England, the top of the top in Europe. So I am pretty amazed to see that all four British teams are still playing, out of the 16 teams that qualified from the group stages, with Wales and Northern Ireland having qualified to play in th EURO for the first time ever. BRExit much?

Anyway, now let’s take a closer look in the 8 matches of this round, and based on usual performances during knock-out play, we should see a lot of extra-times and penalty shoot-outs. In the 36 games so far in this competition, 11 were draws, and 16 were decided by a one goal margin, there were very few clean wins there. Now that mistakes cannot go unforgiven, teams are expected to be more careful. So get ready for Draws and we can also make some bets with Correct Scores. Now, the most common score in the world is the 1-1, and we have seen it 5 times already in this competition, while we also had four 0-0 games, one 2-2 game and one 3-3 game.

So the lowest odds on the 1-1 Correct Score from the matches to be played, is the one between Switzerland and Poland which is at +502, while the highest is the one between France and Ireland at +780. If we place same bets on each of this round’s most probable draws : Switzerland vs Poland , Croatia vs Portugal and Italy vs Spain on Sunday, we can make profit even with one correct prediction.

We can make profit even if we bet on all the matches to end as 1-1, in theory it would take just one prediction to refund our investment, two to make profit.

Of course there is the possibility of choosing some of the matches and putting them all in the same betslip, looking for Doubles. Let’s take a look at The System :

Switzerland – Poland   :  1-1 (+502)

Croatia – Portugal  :  1-1 (+498)

Italy – Spain  :  1-1 (+548)

France – Ireland  :  1-1 (+780)

And we are asking for Doubles, which means that you need at least 2 correct predictions to win.

Needless to say that you can mix it up, maybe choose some scores that you like better, but don’t expect too many goals to be scored from now on.

You can add more matches to the mix, but be careful because the multiplier in your bet slip increases for each extra match you add to it.

Keep this System in mind as the EURO slowly draws to a close, I believe that the Draws and the 1-1 scores will show up rather frequently in the final 15 matches of this EURO Cup.

P.S. : Of course, you can use the exact same System but instead of picking the Correct Score, you can pick the Draw at lower odds, but with more safety.

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