Sports Betting 101 and Betting Tips: Direct from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas host Marco D’Angelo talks with sports betting expert Teddy Covers and look at how to bet the baseball run line and share their MLB Betting Tips.

Marco:  Welcome back to Wager Talk TV. We’re going to do a Betting 101 video, we’re doing a series of those here at Wager Talk. I’m joined by Teddy @Teddy_Covers, and I’m Marco, Marco in Vegas, you can follow me on Twitter. Teddy, this week’s Betting 101. What is a baseball run line?

Teddy Covers:  A baseball run line is really simple. To win a baseball game with a normal wager, all you’ve got to do is win. To win a baseball run line bet, you’re going to have to win by two runs if you’re taking the favorite or lose by only one run or win if you’re taking the underdog. Most beginning betters when they’re betting the run line, they say, “Why should I lay two dollars, minus two dollars with this team to only win a dollar when on the run line, I can be much closer to even money with a bet like that?” Of course, especially when the favorite wins by one run, not that often, less than 20% of the time, the favorite wins by one run. But all that is priced into the equation with a run line. If you think you’re getting a bargain that the markets don’t notice because you’re laying a dollar twenty and other people are laying two dollars to win the game, there’s a reason for that. It’s priced ineffectively.

Marco:  Right. And also point out that most of the time if it is a favorite and they are at home, a lot of times, you’re getting one less at-bat.

Teddy Covers:  That’s a huge difference when you talk about run lines. And most of the professional betters that I know, when they play run lines, a lot of times they’re taking a run and a half, which I personally don’t like to do at all. I want my full return on underdogs when they have the game that I expect them to have.

Marco:  Most the time, you’re laying the price, taking the plus one and a half.

Teddy Covers:  Exactly. Which is why I don’t do it. It’s also worth noting the correlation between totals and run lines. Games with lower totals, you’re going to get a better payback when you’re asking the team to win by a run and a half than you will with a higher total simply because more runs are expected to be scored.

Marco:  All right. Good stuff, Teddy. We’ll continue to be doing these series of Betting 101s, and guys, if you want to join the Sports Memo text club, just text Sports Memo to 33222. You’ll get free plays, special offers exclusive to Sports Memo. You can find Teddy over at Sports Memo and the rest of the crew. We’ll be back with more here at Wager Talk TV.

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