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The National Football League has work to do in the coming years. Suggesting that the company that has owned Sunday’s for decades is in need a face-lift may seem like a stretch but in my opinion this is what needs to be done.

Outlining the what and why of how the league needs to re-brand itself would require that I capture your attention for longer than I want to spend in this NFL Future column. In addition likely longer than you are willing to give of your time. The lost viewership across the last two years isn’t difficult top pinpoint in my world. What used to be American Football, at every level, has disappeared. In more accurate and simple terms the adage that “the only constant in life is change” applies to the NFL like it does everything else. The league needs to make changes, period.

“Where oh where” has the NFL I remember gone

The National Football League is no longer the violent gladiator event it once was. The game has little to no rhythm or sense of urgency to keep the viewers attention. And not just in-game but the stale-school build up that fans new and old are tired of.  What the league and game previously required, for one to remain glued to to their bar stool or living room sofa so not a moment of the drama, has been lost.

The constant interruptions of reviewing plays and the length of such induce Attention Deficit Disorder. For the most part the technological advancement in the New World Order is actually lacking in the league. The amount of time it takes to execute reviews is ridiculous. Because of technology, replays on our television sets and mobile devices results in the audience knowing what the ruling should be for the play under examination before the officiating crew on the field announces such.

As a person who suffers from CTE I fully understand the league’s desire, be it forced or sincere, to make a conscious effort to reduce gladiator like blows to the head. It can takes months if not years to regain ones balance after suffering a serious concussion. Something I can attest to. However, facts are facts. What made American Football popular beyond measure was the brutality and explosive collisions inside the game. Done so in a semi-controlled measure, without the Roman dual-to-the-death results. The level of lunacy that the league goes to in protecting the quarterback has been a big factor in the reduction of viewership, the overall fan-base, per se.

NFL Popularity

American football is the most popular and largest revenue sport in the United States. It is followed by basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer. The NFL is the only pro sports league without full-time officials. And while I respect any company that levees the bottom line one variable that should not be high on that list is spending money on quality and capable officials. Watching men my age, approaching 60-years old (not young) struggle to get up and down the field accurately positioning the ball where it has been downed in reality is embarrassing. Allowing overweight senior citizens to hold teams and players futures in their waistline is incredulous.

The integration of capable and athletic officials as full time employees of the National Football League should have been introduced years ago. Technology allows the NFL to install stadium cameras at strategic locations that would allow instant replay to either confirm or overturn the initial call of specific plays during the game. “Sticks” to measure first downs should have been replaced by technology years ago.

Super Bowl LIII drew the smallest television audience in more than a decade, according to figures released Monday evening by the Nielsen Co.

According to published reports the New England Patriots’ 13-3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams averaged about 98.2 million viewers on CBS, the lowest since Super Bowl XLII averaged 97.4 million viewers after the 2007 season. The preliminary household rating of 41.1 was the lowest since Super Bowl XXXVII, played after the 2003 season.

I could continue to write the reasons for what I believe has been the slow death of American Football. At all levels mind you not just professionally but I won’t.

How I define the current National Football League powers-that-are has already been said and sung. “When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead”.

Finally, know that I still root for the schools and the teams I grew up worshiping. I watch, wager and win more than I lose with my sports investments. And that alone keeps the likes of me and others interested in the game.

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