William Hill SB54 Most Popular Future Bets

March Madness fever will begin festering in the college basketball fanatic and casual fan today. As a result of this being final Saturday of the college hoops regular season.  And with the Saturday finales enter a plethora of conference postseason tournaments. The league tourney’s will emphasize the talent and readiness of the regular season champs. As well, the events will not be without upsets anointing automatic bids to schools that otherwise would not have received an invitation to dance in this year’s national championship affair. William Hill SB54 Most Popular Future Bets.

As wild and as entertaining as college basketball has been and will be it is noteworthy to mention that the National Football League free-agency period is approaching.

Teams and agents will begin throwing compliments, insults and numbers at each other beginning Monday. This is in advance of the official market opening on March 13.

While I won’t step out and paint a picture that the available NFL players this offseason will result in the dirt under the gridiron turf to shake there are a number of players worthy of the upcoming chase. And contrary to what you may have heard or read there are some big paydays ahead for several veterans.

2019 Top NFL Free Agents

1. Le’Veon Bell, RB
The former All Pro has fresh legs after missing the entire 2018-19 campaign. And Bell is far from past his prime. The free agent will enter this season in his prime at 27 years of age.

2. Nick Foles, QB
The top rated free agent quarterback can thank Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid for talking him out of retirement a season ago. Foles is best categorized as a savvy veteran. He enters the 2019 season at 30 years of age and has a handful of productive seasons ahead of him.

3. Trey Flowers, DE
Savvy NFL front offices know that Flowers offers a smack of bottom line value and won’t require over-spending on this defensive stalwart. His middling sack numbers (7.5 in 2019) makes him fiscally attractive.

4. Landon Collins SS
The former New York Giant strong safety performed at a Hall of Fame level in the 2016 season. And while his numbers the last pair of seasons haven’t lived up to that 2016 campaign he is just entering his prime at 25 years old.

5. Trent Brown, OT
More likely than not Brown will be courted like king in the coming months. Also it won’t be a surprise if he lands the largest free agent deal, dollar wise. It is the nature of the NFL beast to covet exceptional O-lineman. And make no mistake Brown is just that and only 25-years old.

NFL SB 54 Futures News and Notes

In conclusion when camps open in August the charts below that outline the current most popular NFL futures connected to Super Bowl 54 props will have changed. And a big reason for the shift in percentages will be due to a number of variables. Those being the NFL Draft, Free Agent signings and complete inevitable summer trades.

William Hill provided a percentage of the total number of dollars and tickets wagered on specific teams related to Super Bowl 54 that will take place in February of 2019.


Top 10 Most Popular Pro Football Championship 54 future bets by Total $’s Wagered:


Top 10 Most Popular Pro Football Championship 54 future bets Total # of Tickets:

*Wagers taken on 32 above teams at our 100+ William Hill Sports Books across America (Nevada, New Jersey & West Virginia)



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William Hill SB54 Most Popular Future Bets

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