There are a large number of new guidelines and measurements that the NCAA Selection Committee is now using to issue At-Large invitations, as well, determine the seeds. In addition projected seeds are being published a month before Selection Sunday’s field is set. Team to Win 2018 Men’s College Basketball Title: Who is the money on in Vegas?

College basketball fanatics now have a month-out selection show, in which the tournament committee produces an as-of-now top 16 seed announcement. The number of high profile and traditional powers, public teams, are typically overvalued. And now the NCAA and broadcast partner CBS are digging deep to earn every penny possible and assist in their ratings with their new as-of-now profile and production.

It is now official. Selection Sunday isn’t and will never be what it once was. One of the most anticipated programs of the year is now a month-long series that doesn’t have the ooh’s and aah’s it once did.

Only one of last year’s Top-16 February seeds fell out of the final projections, March’s overall 68-team seeding, and that school was this Big Dance’s overall No #1 seed, Virginia.

Sports Illustrated’s Dan Greene did an in-depth piece on the NCAA and CBS Big Dance new programming and “just for reference, here are the top four seeds for each region as announced on Sunday, February 11, 2018, with the team’s overall placement among the top 16 in brackets.”

South: (1) Virginia [1] … (2) Cincinnati [8] … (3) Michigan St. [11] … (4) Tennessee [13]

East: (1) Villanova [2] … (2) Duke [7] … (3) Texas Tech [10] … (4) Ohio State [14]

Midwest: (1) Xavier [3] … (2) Auburn [5] … (3) Clemson [9] … (4) Oklahoma [16]

West: (1) Purdue [4] … (2) Kansas [6] … (3) North Carolina [12] … (4) Arizona [15]

William Hill of the U.S. has published the percentage of total dollars wagered in their College Basketball Futures. The teams to win 2018 Men’s College Basketball Tournament along with the Top 10 Most Popular Future Bets by percentage of tickets.

Team to Win 2018 Men’s College Basketball Title: Who is the money on in Vegas?


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