Top-10 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks for the 2018-19 Season

The quarterback position in fantasy football isn’t as valuable as some other spots, but by choosing one of these 10 quarterbacks you can drastically change your fortunes for the upcoming season.

Top-10 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

A position that is quite glamorous in real life is the NFL quarterback, but there clearly isn’t the same cachet in fantasy football quarterback as there is for the real deal. They don’t seem to garner the same number of points that your top running back or wide receiver could record, at least in the scoring system of most leagues. However, there are points to be gained from your QB. That is especially true if you start to look beyond the passing yards and pay more attention to the other ways that they score points, especially in rushing yards or in the number of rushing touchdowns they record. This is why it pays to take a closer look at these 10 quarterbacks heading into the upcoming season.

Deshaun Watson – Before suffering a season-ending injury, Watson was on his way to being an absolute fantasy stud. In a little over six games, he had nearly 1700 yards passing and 19 touchdowns thrown. Over an entire season that would be over 4000 yards passing with 46 passing touchdowns. Plus, he would’ve ran for 662 yards and four touchdowns. It is those additional numbers that make him an invaluable pick, and why he is really the number one quarterback in any fantasy league.

Russell Wilson – The same kinds of things could be said about Wilson, who not only puts big numbers through the air but is outstanding with his legs as well. Wilson threw for nearly 4000 yards and 34 touchdowns last season, plus he gained 586 yards and three more scores on the ground. With Seattle not having much of a ground game this season and with a couple of Wilson’s targets moving elsewhere, this could be a big season for him on the ground.

Aaron Rodgers – You always have to like Rodgers for the number of yards he will throw for, and it will likely be that he will want to return with a vengeance after sitting out half of last season with a shoulder injury. He was on pace for a 4250 yard passing season with 34 touchdowns before the injury occurred, and looks to be in an optimal shape. Plus, Joe Philbin returns to run the offense, which should be a big boost to Rodgers individually.

Cam Newton – Newton threw for 3700 yards and 24 touchdowns last season, but what you had to like about it was the 570 rushing yards and six scores. It would not be surprising this season to see those numbers go up, especially since Norv Turner was hired to be the team’s offensive coordinator this season. This could be the best season of his career.

Tom Brady – Brady just turned 41 this month, but he still had an all-pro season last year, throwing for 4577 yards and 32 touchdowns. He doesn’t look to be regressing at all but don’t expect much on the ground from him. Old guys don’t like to run.

Pat Mahomes – Mahomes takes over as quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs and this is the guy you want to take a close look at as a sleeper. A lot of NFL gurus are expecting a 4000 yard passing season with 25 touchdowns out of the rookie but watch for the rushing yards as well. He could be a 400 yard, six TD guy on the ground the season.

Marcus Mariota – Mariota is another guy who is a dual threat, throwing for 3500 yards and 21 touchdowns last season, while rushing for 380 yards in three scores. His only issue has been injuries, but if he is healthy he should run more which could give you a 500 yard, seven TD season on the ground.

Joe Flacco – Flacco has always had a strong arm, but it has been between the ears where he has struggled at times. Last season he threw for 3141 yards and 18 touchdowns, which isn’t a particularly good year, but he has made a statement about where he thinks his team will be this year and hasn’t been this bold since leading his team to the Super Bowl. The arrogance could be a bonus this season in terms of numbers.

Jameis Winston – Winston will miss the first three games of the season due to a suspension, and that will likely push a lot of people away from deciding to draft the QB. Winston is a guy who could throw for 3500 yards while also rushing for 500 more.

Andy Dalton – If you are looking for a guy with a lot to prove, then Dalton is your man. He was probably the greatest disappointment in 2017, throwing for nearly 1000 yards fewer than what he’d thrown for in 2016. He’s got a better offensive line this season and will be looking to prove that last season was an aberration. If you’re finding that the top nine guys in this list are chosen, take a shot with Dalton.
This is the season to turn your fantasy team into the league champion and one of these quarterbacks could be the difference maker for you.

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