Caesars Palace Odds to Win MLB Divisions

Caesars Palace Odds to Win MLB Divisions

Major League Baseball’s 2019 regular season is underway. Two official games are in the books resulting in the Seattle Mariners being a perfect 2-0 after sweeping division rival Oakland in the early season international events in Tokyo, Japan. Caesars Palace Odds to Win MLB Divisions.

Caesars Entertainment’s odds to win the six MLB divisions reflect that the American League West is a one-star show with that team being the Houston Astros (1-8 odds).

American League West

Houston, according to the Caesars Race and Sportsbook, are expected to dominate the Junior Circuit’s West. As a result the remaining four teams offer a substantial return on investment.

American League Central

The American League Central has the Cleveland Indians postured to wire the field at 5-16 odds. And the Twins come in a surprisingly close second among the five clubs at 9-4 odds.

American League East

New York coupled with Boston ruled the AL East in 2018 and are expected to rinse and repeat in 2019. The Yankees are -135 to win the division while the Red Sox check in at 6-5.

National League East

Last year’s surprise in the National League, Atlanta, are in for a fight to defend their East title. The Braves (13-4, Washington Nationals (2-1), Philadelphia Phillies (9-4) and New York Mets (+290) make for what appears to be a race around the base paths intriguing the entire summer.

National League Central

The NL Central is also expected to be a close race between a trio of franchises. In summary the Chicago Cubs (7-5), St Louis Cardinals (9-5) and Milwaukee Brewers (11-4) are the front runners in a division. Also it is worth noting that last summer champions, Milwaukee Brewers, recorded the most pedestrian peripherals of any playoff team.

National League West

The often traded and public favorites from the Senior Circuit’s West, the Los Angeles Dodgers, are currently at 1-4 odds. The disappointing Dodgers rest ahead of the Colorado Rockies (15-4) and San Diego Padres (12-1). Finally the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Francisco Giants sit at the basement stairs,  both returning 40-1 odds to win the NL West.

Caesars Palace Race and Sportsbook Odds to Win MLB Divisions

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Caesars Palace Odds to Win MLB Divisions

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