Chicago Bears 2019 Schedule: Bears -10 vs Giants

Chicago Bears 2019 Schedule

Of the current 15 lined games Chicago is the favorite in 10 of those contests. The one affair that has not been issued a point-spread or total is the Week #17 tilt in Minneapolis against the division rival Vikings.  Chicago Bears 2019 Schedule: Bears -10 vs Giants.

The Bears’ first-place schedule has been issued a number of presumed favors. The fortunes that many NFL pundits have placed on the Bears’ pigskin mantle is that of the franchises six games against 2018 playoff squads four of those events will be played at Soldier Field. Chicago will host the New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers and Dallas Cowboys during the 2019 league slate.

The home games against the aforementioned foursome of 2018 divisional champions will be everything but a walk in Gold Star Families Park.  Or a Sunday cruise along Solidarity Drive.  The Saints, Chiefs, Chargers and Cowboys, four of Chicago’s eight home tests, come against a group that combined to register a 23-9 overall mark in their 2018 road games.

The Bears regular season begins with a postseason test.  Chicago and division rival Green Bay were awarded the honor of kicking off the 2019 campaign when the two take Soldier Field on the first Thursday of September for the NFL Network and Fox broadcasts of the Week #1 Thursday Night Football gala.

Black and Blue Notes

Chicago and Green Bay, both members of the Black and Blue division, exsuscito those that stumbled through the summer uninterested in the daily grind of America’s supposed pastime, Major League Baseball.  The NFL season may well be four months from a game that counts but before we know it we will all be stammering through the national anthem and humming Hank Williams Jr’s MNF theme song “Are you ready for some football, Monday night party.”

It is far too early to step out on a thin limb and make Super Bowl LIV declarations. Ones that are assumed to be supported by years of experience and insider knowledge. As a result the bare naked truth is  suggesting which team will be playing on the final NFL Sunday in February is nothing more than guess, a stab in the dark, a 70-yard field goal attempt with second clicking off of the game clock.

The confident and comforting voice of a voluptuous gypsy offering a soothing chant and lends a bottle of cure-all snake oil to a group of NFL junkies that are sharing their physical and emotional pain of their Football Jones.  The whaling sounds and squirming sights of the groups three-months of pigskin withdrawals is more painful to watch than experience, I’m most certain. And a more organized and upbeat gaggle  of “Ballers” faithfully sporting the game day colors of their favorite team gather at the entrance of  a neighborhood abbey readying themselves for an evening FA (football anonymous) meeting.

110 days and counting til 2019 season opening TNF kickoff

A faint but serious conversation among the Mobile Home and RV owners that had gathered in the neighboring Dicks Sporting Goods parking lot are discussing the dos and Don’ts of charcoal barbecuing in a stadium parking lot. The RVer’s have arrived early for the Week #1 tailgate party. In this case calling the early arrivals early may require a government passport change. Early is an understatement of their arrival ,as there is still more than 100 days until the 2019 NFL season opening kick.

You, your Sunday posse and your team are on the clock. There is officially 110 days to kickoff of the Week #1 Thursday Night Football kickoff between the Bears and the Packers at Soldier Field, in Chicago.

Football fanaticism is a disease. A physical and mental virus that is essentially incurable.  Hence the availability and motivational support provided by FA meetings.  And of course the political correctness of the collective masses when considering rule changes for the 2019 Nerf Football Tailgating Fall League.

Before I drop the canopy, cork the box wine and head to this summers first lecture on the art of tailgating let me share the most obvious and best kept secret to the success hen wagering on NFL games.

Pick winners

In addition, before stepping out and purchasing a stadium approved grill, don’t forget to get your charcoal grill permit from a stadium security patrolman  who can advise you on the NFL Sunday Stadium laws to avoid, both high crimes and misdemeanors, the result in an arrest without representation followed by required counseling and brain washing session,  with the Trump administration shrinks and attorney’ before being allowed to grill and even trade with China.

Invite a house member or senator that is lobbying in your neighborhood of D.C.  And before doing a single thing moving forward thank them for their service to our country. Also don’t be afraid to get some advice on that big dollar grill purchase. There is a new football stadium tailgating generated app that offers an example of the time-tested system on “how to win” and further “win big” with a purchase of a stadium 50-50 raffle.

Get trained before even considering a long and grinding summer morning on the asphalt while slaving over a hot charcoal grill pit.

In fact, get over-trained, if you will, in the prim and proper art of kegging and bbq-ing from the trunk of a parked car. In addition one must have an unfaltering understanding of the marinade choices for burgers and dogs.  The knowledge sharing of the tailgating community has been unmatched by any previous stadium parking advisory board.

And after the lecture on the prim and proper art of kegging and barbecuing there is a live interactive instructional lecture on the when and how to of  wiener-schnitzeling.  With the game day season openers just a dozen Sundays away it is time to get educated and prepared. Time to reboot your iPhone and order the latest rewrite of “Tailgating for dummy’s”.

Football Jones Withdrawals

Furthermore don’t miss any of the stadium neighborhood free of charge therapy groups. Especially if you are suffering from a painful case of Football Jones.  And only fools miss their scheduled appointment with the Highway Patrol seeking an instructors AOK approval that yours, and my, driving technique is stadium acceptable.

What is the outlook of your NFC North favorite? In summary the  Packers and Vikings are the most experienced teams in the division. And the Lions have one of the most underrated quarterbacks in all the National Football League with Matt Stafford. The Bears have a balanced and deep bench. As a result Chicago is best equipped and the team most cable of positioning a quality replacement for an injured across the next three months of training camp. The Lions execute what the Bears did in 2018 and convert a last-to-first place finish in the division standings.

CG Technology of Las Vegas  
  Chicago Bears 2019 Schedule and game odds

Chicago Bears 2019 Schedule

Week 1: Chicago Bears +4.0 vs Green Bay Packers
Week 2: Chicago Bears +1.0 at Denver Broncos
Week 3: Chicago Bears -2.5 at Washington Redskins
Week 4: Chicago Bears -3.5 vs Minnesota Vikings
Week 5: Chicago Bears -6.0 at Oakland Raiders (London)

Week 6: BYE WEEK

Week 7: Chicago Bears -1.0 vs New Orleans Saint
Week 8: Chicago Bears -3.0 vs L.A. Chargers
Week 9: Chicago Bears +3.0 at Philadelphia Eagles
Week 10: Chicago Bears -8.0 vs Detroit Lions
Week 11: Chicago Bears +5.5 at L.A. Rams
Week 12: Chicago Bears -10.0 vs N.Y. Giants
Week 13: Chicago Bears -3.5 at Detroit Lions
Week 14: Chicago Bears -4.0 vs Dallas Cowboys
Week 15: Chicago Bears +3.0 at Green Bay Packers
Week 16: Chicago Bears -1.0 vs K.C. Chiefs
Week 17: Chicago Bears (Off) at Minnesota Vikings


Chicago Bears 2019 Schedule: Bears -10 vs Giants


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Chicago Bears 2019 Schedule: Bears -10 vs Giants


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