All Time Gross Beat? False Start Costs $50,000!

While the sports betting world is going bat-shit crazy about the wild ending in the 49ers and Cardinals game, a false start by the Raiders Richie Incognito (yes, the one who threatened to shoot up a funeral home) could qualify as an all-time Scott Van Pelt and Stanford Steve bad beats segment (if not a bad beat, for sure gross). A $20.00 12 Leg Parlay Card Bet was placed Saturday at Binion’s on the following games:

Indiana +14.5 (W 27-34)
Iowa -2.5 (W 23-19)
Clemson -34.5 (W 52-3)
Utah -20.5 (W 49-3)
Wyoming +6.5 (W 21-26)
Georgia -2.5 (W 21-14)
Hawaii -6.5 (W 21-7)
Alabama -18.5 (W 38-7)
Wisconsin -14.5 (W 37-21)
Falcons +5.5 (W 29-3)
Jets +1.5 (W 34-17)

Eleven winners and only the Raiders -10.5 left to cash for a $50,000 winning ticket. At 10:41 of the 4th quarter, Oakland fullback Alec Ingold ran the ball on  4th and 1 from the Bengals 4 yard line for a first down, but was stopped at the 1-yard line (closer to a 1/2 foot mark). The team you need is 1st and goal at the 1-yard line, but this happens:

Eleven winners and the final leg of cashing $50,000 was up 14-10 and on the goal-line. How do you kiss good-bye to $50,000?

  1. False start.
  2. 1-yard run.
  3. Incomplete pass.
  4. 1-yard pass.
  5. 20-yard field.
  6. 17-10 lead and final points of the game.
  7. The final leg was the Raiders  -10.5.