WagerTalk Announces the Acquisition of Sportsmemo

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — WagerTalk, a leading sports betting information and handicapping service, has acquired Sportsmemo.

Founded in 2004, Sportsmemo has served as the nation’s premier resource for sports betting and handicapping information. Sportsmemo’s network of podcasts, interactive forums, and informative blogs has been helping bettors and sports fans pad their bankroll for nearly 15 years.

WagerTalk Announces the Acquisition of Sportsmemo

“Sportsmemo has been one of the most respected brands in the Sports Service industry. To be able to have Sportsmemo join the WagerTalk family only makes both brands better, as the quality of information and content that will be brought to both customer bases will be the best in the business. I could not be more excited about what the future holds for our clients,” said Marco D’Angelo, Co-Founder of WagerTalk.com.

A New Frontier

Following the Supreme Court’s lift of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in May, the sports betting industry has captured the country’s attention. As wagering becomes legalized across several states, WagerTalk aims to educate bettors through its popular video series, podcast network, and written articles.

“We are so excited to be acquiring Sportsmemo and bringing them into the WagerTalk family,” said WagerTalk Co-Founder Lawrence Prezman. “Sportsmemo is one of the oldest and most respected online handicapping brands in the industry. They have a very loyal customer base, some exceptional betting consultants, and fit perfectly with our plans for the future. The Sportsmemo customers will see business-as-usual, an expanded team of consultants, and world class customer service.”

Founded in July 2015, WagerTalk’s team of writers, handicappers, and personalities create content from across the globe. The brand’s YouTube channel has generated 2.4 million views for its sports betting videos. WagerTalk produces a daily radio show from ESPN Las Vegas, and publishes a weekly podcast.

“This is an absolute win-win for our current and future clients,” said Teddy Sevransky, founder of Sportsmemo. “We are very excited for the next phase of our evolution, and have lots of exciting things on the horizon.”

SOURCE WagerTalk

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