WagerTalk Alert: Vegas Synergy Group Adds Costa Rica Connection!

Direct from Las Vegas, WagerTalk.com TV host Marco D’Angelo (@MarcoInVegas) talks with local Vegas professional bettors “Vegas Cris” (@lasvegascris) and “Vegas Frank” (@VegasSynergy) and discuss the latest Costa Rica connection for the Vegas Synergy Group (+122.75% client bankroll gain in 2017 so far!).

You can find their personal selections at https://www.wagertalk.com/profile/vsynergy.

Contest History:

Golden Nugget Friday Football Showdown: Multiple playoff berths and #1 and #2 seeds in the 2016 contest.

$52,000 Stations Last Man Standing: 1st place (out of 2,536 entries) in 2016.

$100,000 Wynn NFL Survivor Contest: 1st place in 2011.

The Palms Pigskin Payout: 1st place in 2011 (few thousand entries and won by 6 games!)

Vegas Synergy

It’s the interaction of elements, that when combined, produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.When you combine different sources that specialize in betting various facets of sports, along with master market line analysis, you have one of the strongest betting groups.

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Vegas Synergy

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