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Jun 18, 2017 - 2 comments

We plan to launch this as a stand alone page updated each day, but BEFORE we do we need your feedback! What do you like? Dislike? Want to see added? Write up as much as you want, email us at support@wagertalk.com and get a $20.00 coupon for your help!

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Ralph Michaels

Ralph Michaels

Ralph was born with handicapping in his blood making his own football tickets in junior high school. Yet another Cleveland area handicapper who in his 20's moved to Southern California and found a niche in the handicapping industry selling selections first to associates and later expanding into California Sports.

Returning to Cleveland, Ralph not only brought Cal Sports with him but joined Northcoast Sports as well. It did not take long for him to discover a successful passion towards college basketball and he ventured on his own which led to incredible success including several #1 title from the Sports Monitor in both College Hoops and March Madness. Those award winning seasons made Cal Sports a household name among handicappers, basketball bettors and sportsbook managers.

After marriage and a child, Ralph continued on with Cal Sports and took an offer from Northcoast Sports to assist in football handicapping. In the last several seasons he was not only the lead handicapper for their Late Phones and the Power Sweep newsletter he single handedly started the college totals program which was a documented38-19, 67% in 2014. The only downside of Ralph handling the Northcoast handicapping was that it also included the role of General Manager leaving a void for basketball handicapping until the bowls were complete.
Ralph Michaels

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