2020 Westgate SuperContest: Who is the Top Proxy Service?

Westgate SuperContest

The current NFL season does not conclude until Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, February 2, 2020, but that did not stop the Las Vegas SuperBook from opening up registrations for the Westgate SuperContest ($1,500 entry fee and top 100 contestants win cash prizes. 2019 winner won a record $1,469,644.80), the $5,000 SuperContest Gold ($5,000 entry fee and winner take all format. 2019 winner collected $585,000) and the SuperContest ReBoot ($500 entry fee for their mid-season contest for NFL weeks #9 – #17) on Monday, January 13 at 9 am PST.

Vegas Football Contest Proxy Service

Don’t live in Las Vegas, Nevada? Live in Nevada, but have no desire to deal with traffic and wait in line to enter your picks each week? Nevada and out of state registrants can use a local proxy to not only place their weekly SuperContest selections but also the Circa Sports Million and Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Challenge.

The official Football Contest Proxy for WagerTalk, Sportsmemo and The Gold Sheet is KellyInVegas ProxyService. This year they have discounted their proxy service from last year’s price of $300 to $250. Now until the end of Super Bowl Weekend (February 2, 2020), you can take advantage of an “Early Bird Special” of $225. This “Early Bird Special” is for any of the three major Vegas-based contests (Westgate SuperContest and SuperContest Gold, Circa Million, and Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Challenge).

If you plan on having multiple entries within the same contest, it is only an additional $100 per entry. Multiple entries in different contests (IE playing in the Circa Million and Ultimate Football Challenge) will only be an additional $150 per contest. For more information and to take advantage of these discounts, you can contact Kelly directly at [email protected].

Kelly in Vegas Proxy Service

New to the 2020 season for Kellyinvegas.com’s Proxy Service:

  • A FREE app that allows you to follow contestant selections, weekly consensus picks, and live standings in the Circa Million, SuperContest and Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Challenge.
  • Customers who purchase the “Late Entry” service will enjoy an automated SMS service giving you a friendly reminder to submit your picks every week two hours before the cutoff time.
  • An Early Bird Special & DISCOUNTED 2020 PRICES.
  • You will be able to check your selections via the app for both the SuperContest and Circa Millions.

2019 SuperContest Payouts

1ST PLACE$1,469,644.80
2ND PLACE$505,190.40
3RD PLACE$275,558.40
4TH PLACE$218,150.40
5TH-8TH PLACE(4 WAY TIE)$163,612.80each
9TH-15TH PLACE(7 WAY TIE)$75,450.50each
16TH-19TH PLACE(4 WAY TIE)$49,370.90each
20TH-24TH PLACE(5 WAY TIE)$40,415.20each
25TH-31ST PLACE(7 WAY TIE)$28,868.05each
32ND-37TH PLACE(6 WAY TIE)$11,481.60each
38TH-63RD PLACE(26 WAY TIE)$6,270.75each
64TH-78TH PLACE(15 WAY TIE)$3,704.75each
79TH-100TH PLACE(24 WAY TIE)$2,181.50each

*prize payout history

Football Contest Tips

Handicapping Contest Format

Ultimate Football Challenge: For the seventeen weeks of the contest, each contestant makes seven selections against the spread, from all NFL sides and NCAA Division I FBS college sides—excluding first-half lines—posted on Golden Nugget contest sheets on Wednesdays.

Circa Sports Million: Contestants submit five NFL sides against the spread every week and get one point for each correct selection, one-half point for each push, and zero points for each incorrect selection.

SuperContest: Contestants select five NFL sides against the contest line for the 17-week NFL regular season. Each win is one point, with a half-point for a push.

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