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Major League Baseball is on the verge of catching the “inept” wrap that the National Football League currently owns. This in relation to the on-field and diamond umpires and officiating crews. In defense of the NFL officials they are just part-timers with their duty on the gridiron being a second job. The same can’t be said for MLB umps.

Note that last year, 2018, there were 89 MLB umpires, all full-time and experienced. In addition the majority of Major League Baseball crews are filled with “in-their-prime” bodies. And the average age of an MLB umpire is 46 years-old. Furthermore each with 12-plus years of big league (Major League Baseball) experience. And baseball isn’t a league in which the officials run the field for an average of 14 games. MLB umps on the diamond in some capacity over 110 games each season.

Baseball Errors by MLB Umpires

Depending on which metric you choose to trust, and there are a large number of different companies who grade umpires each and every season, there was an average of over 30,000 missed calls in the 2018 season. And that number is just balls and strikes. Do the math on that 30K-plus and you will find it isn’t just a here or there ball or strike that is missed. That is over 10 per game, on average.

And to stray from computerized graphics and technology that allows us to grade umpires the number of MLB umps that continue a desire to be “The Show” each and every day or night is… ridiculous. The antics behind the plate when they call balls and strikes is absolutely unnecessary and in truth incite players to fight back on missed, bad to be more accurate, calls.

MLB Managers Grading Umpires

Furthermore baseball managers are becoming more and more outspoken about the inept work of umpires.

Padres manager Andy Green spoke to the execution of the crew that was working Sunday’s game at Chase Field in Arizona. Lets title what he spoke to in the post-game presser has “honest and accurate” rather than opinion.

Diamondbacks closer Greg Holland threw a couple of tight inside pitches in the bottom of the ninth to the Padres’ Francisco Mejia, raising questions about whether it was in retaliation for Padres pitchers hitting two Diamondbacks with pitches on Saturday.

However Lovullo said all that mattered was that Holland got three outs to end the game. But Green had some choice words for the umpire crew.

“Umpires being literally clueless on the field right now. That’s inexcusable at that point in time,” Green said. “The first one, OK maybe slips. The second one, we know what is going on there. It is not lost on us at all. If it is lost on them (umpires), they are not paying attention to the baseball game.”

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Odds to Win 2019 World Series: Mets 16-1

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